PC Assistance of Knoxville has been provided quality on site service of computer repair since 2000. We come to your home, your business and even your hotel room while traveling – PC Assistance of Knoxville is there to help. We can solve almost anything computer, MAC or PC, that you might have from not connecting to the internet, to virus removal, all the way up to hardware failure.

To Have a PC Assistance of Knoxville technician is also a learning experience for you. Your technician is not only there to fix your problem but to answer any questions that you have about your computer, and on how to prevent issues in the future!

Computer or Printer Setup, – Our technician will professionally setup your computer or printer at your desk or workstation, installing all of the necessary connections and devices, and verifying that everything is functioning correctly.

Computer Diagnosis and Troubleshooting, – If you are having difficulty with your computer, our technician can assist you with finding the cause of the problem, and will either attempt to correct it with basic troubleshooting or offer the appropriate resolution options.

Optimization, – A complete tune-up of your computer to make it run at its best.

Virus Removal, – Removing malicious software from an infected computer to restore its proper functionality. Our technician will run numerous specialized utilities to clean out all traces of the viruses and malware, while preserving your files and programs. (Please note that a proper virus removal process typically takes longer than one hour. For cost savings, the in-store virus removal service which is a flat fee is recommended for infected computers.)

Data Transfer/Data Backup, – Copying the data from a computer or external media (i.e. external hard drive or flash drive) to another computer, external media, network storage device, or cloud storage, or configuring an automatic backup solution to ensure that you have proper redundancy for your data storage.

Wireless Network Setup, – Our technician will set up the proper connections and settings for your router to get your computers online, and configure your wireless network to provide optimum signal strength and utilize the proper security settings.

Email Configuration, – Our technician will assist you with setting up a new email account and/or configuring your email accounts with the desired client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Hardware Replacement/Upgrade, – Our technician can perform part replacements and upgrades for hard drives, RAM, video cards, power supplies and more.