The computer virus has been around for many years. Misguided “hackers” with too much time on their hands seem to delight in disabling and even damaging your computer. There are literally thousands of strains of these evil little programs out there waiting to infect your computer system and cost you time and money. The rise in popularity of the internet, online shopping, and social networking have also helped to cause the proliferation of these PC infections.

Viruses and spyware plant other sneaky little files elsewhere that are not removed when the virus itself is removed. They lurk in the background, then essentially “phone home”, downloading the virus again and re-infecting your system. Unlike the traditional computer Virus, it is not typically the aim of the Spyware infection to harm or disable your computer (sometimes they do). Spyware has several different classifications and pose different levels of threat but regardless of threat level, their aim is to make money from you.

The experts at PC Assistance of Knoxville have years of experience removing these little trouble makers and making sure that your system is properly protected. PC Assistance of Knoxville will make it our mission to eradicate all viruses, malware and spyware from your PC. Our virus removal service includes a full Clean & Tune of your system, plus we’ll also install any needed Windows and other Software Updates.