You’ve got a lot of choices when you need to recover data. How do you decide who to call? How do you make the right choice when the wrong choice might mean losing the data forever?

Did you know that many companies claiming to offer “data recovery” services lack experiences and have limited resources? Call them, and not only do you take the risk their not recovering the data, but they lack the necessary skills and resources, you risk having the data lost forever.

Whether that information lost is translates as money lost, important information lost, or precious memories in pictures or videos can you afford to take that risk?

PC Assistance of Knoxville is the area’s leader in Data Retrieval Services. If it can’t be recovered, you’ll know with certainty, because they won’t stop until they exhaust every resource available to get the results you want.

PC Assistance of Knoxville provides:

  • Free Assessment
  • Efficient and Effective
  • The Clean Room
  • Value

Find out if your data is recoverable before you waste any money trying to recover it. We’ll examine your drive and tell if it’s recoverable before you spend a dime on recovery.
Your data is important to you, so we recover it fast. Our expertise allows us to efficiently and effectively recover lost data in even the most difficult circumstances.
Our goal is to get the results you want, recovery of vital data in an effective and efficient manner.

PC Assistance of Knoxville’s expertise and experience can save time and effort in the recovery of your data. Saving you time and money